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PostSubject: MAIN RULES (READ BEFORE POSTING)   MAIN RULES (READ BEFORE POSTING) I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 25, 2010 3:13 am

Ok these are the main guidlines for the site... If you do not abide by them, you will be warned first then banned... Be warned, none of us have got to whip out the ban hammer yet, so we are ancy... Twisted Evil

1. All Original WOTP members have absolute say so on this site! If you have questions or concerns send us a message.

2. DO NOT ASK TO BE IN THE WOTP AMV STUDIO!!!!!!! If we want to recruit we will let you know... we will most likely hold a bimonthly tournament for any potentials. For Gaming, Nerd Rage will be making teams for select games. Head to the game section for details

3. Keep it civil people... We don't mind people saying shit or fuck around here, just do it nicely.... if possible Very Happy

4. ABSOLUTELY NO TRASH OR DOWN TALK OF ANYONE OR ANYTHING!!!!! This includes people's, editing, gaming, art, or music. Give constructive criticism ONLY if you don't like it. Anything more WILL result in a ban!

5. Please do not make pointless or repeat threads. It's a hassle to try and get rid of them. If this offense is repeated you will receive a ban.

6. DO NOT SPAM TO INCREASE YOUR RANK! It's annoying and stupid so don't do it, and guess what happens if you do............ Yep BAN HAMMER!!

7. Do not promote any outside organization that is similar to our own unless given permission by myself or proceedtoheaven. We want people here, not over at that fancy shmancy place.

This will be updated as needed... HAVE FUN!!!!
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