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 Gamer Gripes Podcast Sign Ups, Info, and FAQs.

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Gamer Gripes Podcast Sign Ups, Info, and FAQs. Empty
PostSubject: Gamer Gripes Podcast Sign Ups, Info, and FAQs.   Gamer Gripes Podcast Sign Ups, Info, and FAQs. I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 10, 2012 5:33 pm

I've posted this on a few sites and that's why we already have some guests.


Gamer Gripes(GG) Podcast.


Around 30 minutes per episode. Could increase to an hour later on.

Language possibly NSFW (depends on the guests).

Bi-Weekly at best, Monthly at worst- This may increase to weekly based on my free time.

Max of 4 Guests per episode unless otherwise stated.

1 Topic per episode but if it's finished quickly we'll do another.

The last 3-5 minutes will be dedicated to a discussion on all upcoming releases for the week.

After the podcast is over I'll record a quick outro audio on what the next topic will be. Also planning on having an outro line (and, as always, GGs....or something like that).


Skype and a mic (good quality is preferred but as long as you're audible and can be understood then there's no problem). PM me your Skype Handle once you say you want to join.

Say you want to join a future episode. If you want a specific topic include the topic or if you don't want in on a then topic say so.


This is a podcast for fun but I do want some level of knowledge for the topic. So, for example, if we talk about Assassin's Creed then I want you to have played most of the games (or at least 1 and 2), don't get on just to get on.

Don't bash the other guests. With two differing opinions things may get heated but if you start doing nothing but insulting the other person then you may not be on again.

If you have a topic beyond specific games then voice them here.

People that don't wanna discuss a topic will have that topic in red next to their name.

If you have a question or want an expanded explanation of topics then ask here.


The State of FPS Games - No Date.

The Survival Horror Genre - No Date.

*The Fall/Winter 2012 Preview (Hour Long, No Limit On Guests) - 7/22/12*

Next Gen - No Date.

The Best and Worst of 2012 (Hour Long, No Limit On Guests) - No Date.

The Rise and Fall of Mass Effect - No Date.

On Disc DLC/ Day One DLC/ DLC in General - No Date

HD Remakes: Cash In or Fanservice - No Date.

The Ouya - No Date.

Movies Based on Video Games: The Good, The Bad, The Future - No Date.

Motion Controls: Gimmick or Innovative - No Date.

Zombie Games/Gimmicks: Is the Market Over-saturated - No Date.


Games That Need a Sequel, Prequel or Remake - No Date.

What Game Would You Mod If You Could Do Any Mod You Wanted - No Date.

Games That You Love/Hate That Others Hate/Love - No Date.

Are Mods/Cheats (Offline) Breathing New Life into a Game or Simply Cheating - No Date

Do Games Need Multiplayer/Co-Op to be Successful Nowadays - No Date.

How Can Music Games Make a Comeback - No Date


1. Competitionbros

2. xbaziicx (The State of FPS)
3. darklinky (Mass Effect/On Disc DLC)
4. roxas2219
5. HaloTrial1 (The State of FPS/Survival-Horror)
6. eric79
7. ICEMAN374
8. jack mack
9. MrMario2011 (On Disc DLC/HD Remakes)
10. Fuzz (Next Gen/HD Remakes)
11. iTz EPiC
12. Yamamotoxrain (Next Gen/HD Remakes) *Records Monday-Thursday*
13. Arlen777


Q. Where will the podcast be hosted?
A. Youtube and iTunes for now, more or different hosts are possible. More details coming.

Q. If I join do I have to censor myself?
A. No, I don't plan on this being a "family friendly" podcast necessarily but that doesn't give you free reign to go on racial tirades or anything. I don't care about swearing or even about racism as long as it's done in a joking manner (using a "black" voice and slang when talking about a stereotypical black character in a game we're talking about) but others might. Just use common sense and don't act like an ***.

Q. Is this Way of the Pride exclusive or can friends/people I know join the guests list?
A. No, this is not exclusive to this site so feel free to invite whoever you want. Simply give me a username they'd like to use and PM me their skype handle.

Q. What are "MINI-TOPICS"?
A. Mini topics are topics to be used in case the current topic/discussion ended quicker than I thought it would.

Q. Does everyone get a set amount of time to talk?
A. No, people can talk as long or as short as they want and people can jump in to disagree or agree/add to the previous guests points.. However, try to be respectful to the other guests if they have an opinion you disagree with: Don't constantly interrupt them, let them make their points and you can make your points in turn, etc.......

Q. Do we have have to stick to the topic 100%?
A. No, but don't make it a completely offtopic switch. For example, if we're discussing Silent Hill for the "HD Remakes" discussion don't suddenly bring up the Olympics.

Q. How do you go about selecting which guests to add to an episode?
A. I'll be picking guests at random and if they can't do the episode/don't wanna do the topic then they're name is rolled over to the next random selections. The exception to this is if people choose a topic they wanna do in which case they're automatically added to that episode (this is a first come, first serve system). Depending on the number of guests on the list then I'll limit the number of appearances to once every three episodes so everyone can get on. The exception to this is if once or more of their requested topics come up in which case they won't be added to future episodes for a while. This system is a bit more involved and a longer explanation so I'll just put the next episode a person can join next to their names.

Q. Is there a limit to the topics we can request at a time?
A. You can only request three topics at a time. You can swap out topics if you want to do a recently added topic over one you had already had.

Q. When do we record?
A. Friday-Sunday between 7-11 PM EST.

Q. When will episodes be posted?
A. Mondays on both iTunes and Youtube.

Way of the Pride....we do stuff!

Gamer Gripes Podcast Sign Ups, Info, and FAQs. 17031143034pm8b56e
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Gamer Gripes Podcast Sign Ups, Info, and FAQs. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Gamer Gripes Podcast Sign Ups, Info, and FAQs.   Gamer Gripes Podcast Sign Ups, Info, and FAQs. I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 20, 2012 10:46 pm

I didn't even see this until now. Are you still planning on doing it? If so, I'd love to join in as a guest.

Gamer Gripes Podcast Sign Ups, Info, and FAQs. 1060453804
Gamer Gripes Podcast Sign Ups, Info, and FAQs. 234784
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Gamer Gripes Podcast Sign Ups, Info, and FAQs.
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